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Welcome to Hosts for Ghosts Paranormal 
As Seen On The Unexplained Caught On Camera (Really Channel 17)

 Come And Join Us For A Paranormal investigation At The Barn Theatre. Please follow the Link.


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Hosts For Ghosts Paranormal Investigators

 Barn Theatre, Surrey, RH8 0AA

 Sat 2nd September 2023

  1. Hosts For Ghost Paranormal Investigators would like to invite you to their Paranormal
    Investigation at the Barn Theatre.
    Take your seats for the spookiest night of your life at the Haunted Barn Theatre, for what could turn out to be a hair raising event !!
    Enjoy the surroundings of this unique and beautiful Theatre which was opened in 1924. It had a shaky start, and then was requisitioned as a billet by a Canadian Regiment, and the Seaforth Highlanders, who would put on dances and stage performances for other regiments for entertainment.
    It was also used as a canteen and a school to help out evacuees posted to Oxted and Limpsfield areas.
    Tonight we are asking those ghostly past inhabitants to come forward to tell their story !!
    Tickets on sale now for the ghostly price of 30.00 per person (limited to 2 per person due to numbers)
    We've kept the price to a minimum so that all our followers can enjoy this event.

Hosts For Ghosts Paranormal Investigators

Sat 2 Sep 2023, 8:00PM - Sun 3 Sep 2023, 1:00AM

Barn Theatre


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About Us


A little bit about me, Paul Howard, and my team.

Paul is an accomplished Paranormal Investigator and has held many Investigations around the Country.
Paul started his journey by having a huge interest in the Paranormal and decided to enrol in a course at Royal Holloway University as a mature student in Parapsychology. As he was studying and working two jobs at the same time, it took him a little longer to complete the course. With a lot of grit and determination, working late into the night, evenings and weekends; he finally got his reward and passed with a distinction.
He then joined Surrey Paranormal, and was with them for about 7 years, and carried out many and varied Investigations at venues such as M.O.D. sites, Aldershot Army Museum,  and Officers Mess, also a Masonic Lodge, Robert Denholm House, Country Estates, Pubs and Private Homes and also Ewell Court an old gunpowder mill.
From there he has completed an E.V.P. (electronic voice recorder phenomena's) course with Barri Ghai of Help My House is Haunted fame, on Really channel.

Paul is also a member of NESPR

The Warren Institute for Paranormal Research, whereby your name has to be put forwards in order to join.

Paul also works with Jenny Easton, his Partner, who works as a Clairvoyant Medium.

She says his Mediumship is coming along very nicely, and he already uses his Mediumship on Investigations where they work as a team. This further enhances what he gets from the Paranormal equipment he uses on his Investigations.

Paul has recently set up his own Paranormal Team, finally finding the very appropriate name of :

Hosts For Ghosts, and includes

Jenny Easton as his resident Medium and Clairvoyant, along with Helen his Historian, who is also Clairsentient.
Paul looks forward to carrying out an Investigation for you with his team, and if you would like to contact him via email, he will be happy to answer any of your questions, or fill out the questionnaire form attached :

Get in Touch

Host for Ghosts paranormal is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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