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Saturday night 29th December 2022, which was a very cold and frosty night, and was extremely cold in the venue; as it had been closed over the Christmas period, and the heating had been turned off.

As soon as we had set up, we had activity straight away, there were cat balls going off on command; and every time we go there the activity seems to becoming stronger.

We then set up the ITC box to see if we could get names dates etc, which we did to note for further history checks.

About an hour or two went by, and it had gone a bit quiet, so we were generally having a chat about the earlier activity, when, in the corner of the bar area, we all spotted [all at the same time], an apparition, which appeared, and looked round the corner of the door. It seemed to be the face of someone, we think to be a man, near the museum cabernet. We were all so astounded, we all looked at each other, and back to that part of the bar at the same time, and were totally gobsmacked, exclaiming did you see that !!!

Some of the information that came through the ITC app appeared to be related to American and Canadian soldiers like Brad, Vern, Ronald, and Frank, which made sense as some of these Servicemen had been at Kenley during the war years. There was a lot of reference to money as well ie, dime, dollar, and it said " I trade in plastic". We had a club member come along later, as he was walking his dog, so he popped in unexpectedly seeing the lights on, and coming in to investigate as to why. He frankly scared the life out of us, suddenly appearing behind the bar, with his massive Wolf Hound dog. As he did the ITC box was running, and the box said Wolfie, which is his dog's name, but we didn't know that at the time. A split second before it came out with the dog's name, the dog suddenly stood up like something had touched him, which was brilliant confirmation.

There are a few more places, within the area that they would like us to investigate, when the weather becomes warmer, as they are nearby on the same site.

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