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Hampshire’s investigation

Hampshire ghosts were in the media not too long ago after one of the UK’s most haunted properties – Hampshire’s very own Wymering Manor failed to sell at auction! It is believed to be the oldest house in Portsmouth and is in desperate need of renovation. Most of the remaining structure is 16th century, but records show that the first owner of the manor was actually King Edward the Confessor in 1042, but it has been dramatically altered and renovated over the years. In the past it has served as a youth hostel , a family home, a monastery and a vicarage. It is allegedly so haunted that the security guards who patrol it 24/7 refuse to work alone – going everywhere in pairs.

The manor has several different ghosts and paranormal occurrences associated with it all of which have contributed to the property’s reputation as one of Hampshire’s most haunted places. Among the most well known stories is the ‘lady in the violet dress’. Thomas Parr was living in the house when he encountered the lady in the violet dress standing by the foot of his bed when he woke one night. It was the spirit of a cousin of his who had passed away in 1917. She seemed friendly and as her name suggests, she was dressed in a violet dress. She chatted with Thomas for a short time before saying ‘Well, Tommy dear, I must leave you now as we are waiting to receive Aunt Em’. She then promptly disappeared and the following morning Thomas received a telegram informing him that his Aunt Em had died during the night.

In addition to the lady in the violet dress, some of the other strange occurrences include a door in ‘The Blue Room’ which seems to unlock itself and stand open when nobody has touched it. Visitors have also reported hearing the sound of a choir of nuns singing and chanting, the spectre of a nun on the stairs to the attic with her hands dripping in blood, a phantom horse that gallops down the lane outside and the ghost of distinguished Naval officer Sir Francis Austen. However, perhaps the most chilling room in the manor is the one known as ‘The Panelled Room’. Nobody enjoys spending much time in this particular room which has an oppressive air and leaves most people with the urge to run. During the time that the building served as a youth hostel the warden and his wife were inexplicably afraid of the room and guests have reported feeling a hand on their shoulder!

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