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Investigation at John Keats The poet.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Keats House

We arrived earlier in the afternoon to get a feel of the house and what we might expect for the evening.

We were taken up to the top floor, where we felt the presence of a woman and also a young child. This was rather reassuring, as we had no idea what to expect !!

When we got there later on, we were met by the family holding the evening, which was a 60th birthday party, although they knew that this was serious stuff !!

We introduced ourselves, and Paul held their attention, and immediately had a captive audience. I waited patiently on the side lines, and then introduced myself as Paul's Partner Jenny, the group's resident Clairvoyant, Medium.

The family, (about 15 of them), decided that they wanted to get cracking on the evening, so skipped their introductions !!

We decided to start with the Human Pendulum, and formed a circle and asked for a volunteer to go in the middle, where Paul and I were standing, in order to catch the person in case they fall !!

Yes / No questions were asked of the person and she started to sway forwards for a yes answer, ie were there any spirit children in the house.

We could feel the energy building up and it was then that we could hear what seemed like footsteps walking down the hallway, and a shuffling noise at the door of the room where we were.

Also at that point a red orb was spotted by Paul, myself and several other people, which caused quite a reaction.

In eagerness of catching some further evidence, we decided to split into two groups, being slightly smaller, and more manageable. Also some were more eager than others !!

My group stayed downstairs and wanted to do table tipping and to see what I would get with my Mediumship. There were some very interesting messages and the table was very lively.

Paul's group went upstairs, and firstly set up the Paranormal app's on his tablet. It was a little quiet at first, and slightly disappointing, until we heard a noise in the corridor, and then a balloon came out from behind one of the doors, and a few people saw a shadow figure of what looked like a child down at the other end of the corridor. The excitement grew, and the energy built as another door, which was previously shut, slowly creaked open, to the astonishment of everyone, as they gasped !!

Then they started to receive communication through one of the app's on the tablet. Firstly they were all asking out, and they heard a man's voice very clearly come through, and then a child's voice shortly afterwards. Then Paul asked how many people were there, and the response was seven, and then he asked what their names were, and the man's voice said everyone's name who was there. At that point half of them ran down the stairs !!

With the other group, similar things happened, but in order to change things around a bit, Paul placed the cat balls down the corridor, which then started to light up and a few more responses were heard from the child's voice from the app. Then the man's voice again saying how many people were on the landing again (eight), and he said a couple of their names, then the cat balls flashing again, sent another wave of fear / excitement through them, and again dispersed rather quickly down the stairs !!!

As a closing experiment, we got out the Spirit Board, and put our protection up, alongside the protection crystals that we always carry on us; and opened the board up to those that wanted to participate. Firstly we heard noises out in the kitchen, which there was access to via a hatch between the two rooms. The hatch door then opened, but no one was on the other side. Also there was what sounded like a moan coming from the kitchen, which some heard, but it was loud enough for someone to go and investigate to see if anyone was in there.

There were various responses from the spirit board, but it tended to be loved ones coming through, and with that we closed the evening.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their evening with us, and we were thanked and had pictures taken together.


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