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RAF Kenley

To start the evening, there was myself, Jenny our Clairvoyant Medium, Helen our Historian, and Carol & Iain Muir from the Portcullis Club, with the Committies permission, who very kindly allowed us to Investigate this very active venue.

Our first contact of the evening with EVP's was that a coin could be heard on the table, as though it was spinning. After hearing this we had the sense of a dog's presence, and we heard what sounded like it's chain collar being rattled, and the name Boris, came up on the 'Necrophonic' App.

We picked up on a man in the room with the name of Squadron Leader George Stanmore, there were various areas of coldness and we also felt his presence as being quite stern.

We also captured him on the SLS camera, and the dog with him.

As the Investigation progressed, we set up a laser grid in the hallway, and this turned out to be some of the most amazing captures that we had seen to date.

We saw shadow figures, and we were asking questions, and the lights dimmed and brightened as an affirmative to each question, which was astounding.

Then it was as if something was moving around the hallway, which eventually drained the battery.

We have also felt the presence of a land girl previously in the Portcullis Club, who goes by the name of what we heard to be Margaret. There have been many reports of singing being heard by bar staff, and also footsteps, and a sense of being watched and followed.

We have been invited back to do a further Investigation there, and look forward to setting up a date for this.

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