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Shaw House investigation Newbury Berkshire

The manor house of Shaw, Shaw House was built by the wealthy cloth merchant, Thomas Dolman, and completed in 1581.[1] It is famous for its reputation as King Charles I's headquarters during the Second Battle of Newbury. However recent research has proved that, despite being at the centre of the fighting, the King never went to the house.[1] Other Royals have visited, most notably Elizabeth I.[1] In the 1720s, it was acquired by the flamboyant James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos.[1] Although it was not the principal residence of the Duke, the family evidently spent some time in the area and the second Duke bought a wife at a sale in Newbury.

Anne Wells, a chambermaid from Newbury, who became the second wife of the second Duke of Chandos

After the first Duke's death in 1744 the dowager duchess lived at Shaw House till her death in 1750. Her step-son sold the property soon afterwards to the Andrews family.[1] It was the childhood home of the historian, James Pettit Andrews.[1][2] For many years it was a school.[1]

The house is currently owned and managed by West Berkshire Council as a conference venue and public attraction.[1]

Wow what a house for a investigation a very windy night so added to the night we started in the top floor major bedrooms which was quite active at first and got some good in from our ITC machine which we can verify from the tour guides.

We left one of our lock off cameras down in the basement whisch seems to havr caught what looks like a shadow figure which can be seen on our FB page go and look see what you think.

A very good night was had by all would go back and look in the daylight hours .

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