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Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunt.

During the early years, the House of Correction consisted of rather primitive conditions. Prisoners were not necessarily separated by the seriousness of crime committed, and often men, women and children would be held together. The poor conditions and the lack of a wage being paid to the gaolers resulted in lax discipline, and promiscuous and drunken behaviour. Primitive sanitation led to regular outbreaks of diseases such as gaol fever

After the Americans left at the end of the war, the prison reverted to a British Military Prison. It was during this time that the prison held the infamous London Gangsters, Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

In 1966, the prison once again reverted to a Civilian prison.

In 2001 the role of the prison changed once more as it re-roled to become a Cat.C Male Lifers prison. The inmates held at this time had been found guilty of some of the most serious offences, including murder, but would likely have already spent a considerable amount of time inside before arriving in Shepton Mallet Prison and were a lower security risk.

It was a very warm evening when we arrived, I then set up some equipment in c wing .We got some good recordings on the voice recorder including Reginald and cell 7 kept being said we checked with tour guide and confirmed it would have been Reggie Cray.

The next out of the equipment was pushed stairs down murdered but no name so we could not find out who this was.

We then went to the excruciation chamber and set up lock of cameras where we recorded a shadow and heard movement.

It was very long night but a great location for a investigation.

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