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The Barn Theater Investigation Oxted.

This was a Saturday night investigation with guest. The night started with a human pendulum which is where we had communication straight away with what seems to been a strong spirit possably a actor who had fell through the stage at some time, the communication was very strong with guest going backwards and forwards.

There was a lot of guests saying about a shadow up on the balcony. Around the back in the changing rooms ,in one of the rooms there was a cloths rail with coat hangers on it after asking out for spirit to communicate with us the hangers started to move and one was tapping against the rail. When we asked for it to move the opposite way after a few seconds the hanger started to move in a different direction which was fascinating as there was no draft we could find there.

While standing outside the kitchen with my partner Jenny we heard what sounded like footsteps coming down the stairs as if someone was coming to the kitchen but when we looked we did not find anyone there.

We then tried table tipping which went very well and the table was up on its legs twisting around and even held its position which defies logic as how it could stay there and return back to its legs. We then had a interactive robot on stage which was being moved around the stage as if someone was playing with it.

All in All it was a great night with good communication and great guesses so will go back maybe with a smaller group to see if we can get more evidence.

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