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The Old School House Bletchingley

We were invited to do this Investigation by Nichola Bamford, and also met her Manager there, and another work colleague called Peter.

Myself, Jenny and another member of our team Stephanie Miles, joined us to help raise the vibration.

From the first contact with Spirit, I felt a Monk, who I heard the name of Father Cuthbert, and also a date of 1560, which both were later confirmed by Nichola as to be very accurate, as she had previously done a history check which she had told me nothing about, but later confirmed to be correct.

We then proceeded to the gym, to carry out further EVP and SLS camera work, and also using the Necrophonic App, to get names of not only us, but also the name of Bridget, Ian, Molly, Tom, Henry and Brown, of which we felt was a Surname.

We saw a shadow on the ceiling, also a shadow in the laser grid, and lots of orbs floating around, which are attached to our face book page for viewing. We also heard footsteps in the hallway, and also a door slamming, and a tap turned itself on.

The Manager had previously heard banging on the window, and she looked, but no one was there. I felt this was Father Cuthbert trying to get their attention as to his presence there.

Also this building is located on some very strong ley lines, and is known to have a stream running underneath. We felt also that there were two levels to this building, which was then confirmed by Peter, who said it has a basement.

I felt that cattle were used to create a pathway or track between the school house and a house beyond the trees, to graze, as this was part of the Church grounds. This later became a footpath between the two, there is now a main road which cuts the footpath in half.

We would like to return for a further Investigation if possible.

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