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Waverly Abbey Farnham surrey

Located about 2 miles (3.2 km) southeast of Farnham, Surrey, it is situated on a flood-plain; surrounded by current and previous channels of the River Wey. It was damaged on more than one occasion by severe flooding, resulting in rebuilding in the 13th century. Despite being the first Cistercian abbey in England, and being motherhouse to several other abbeys, Waverley was "slenderly endowed" and its monks are recorded as having endured poverty and famine.

The abbey was suppressed in 1536 as part of King Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries. Subsequently, largely demolished, its stone was reused in local buildings, likely including "Waverley Abbey House", which was built in 1723 in the northern portion of the former abbey precinc

This place never fails to provide some good evidence, sounds, shadow figures and table tipping always goes well with the help of South Coast Ghosts we done a late night investigation which we had the table going well to the commands also we had a great hit with our ITC machine which said exactly placed us in the correct pace with in the abbey .

Lots of Orbs on our cameras and lots of what sounded like voices but could not pick them up on the voice recorder.

We will definitely will be going back for a further investigation.

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