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Whitchurch Silk Mill

The mill is a wonderful example of industrial heritage, using a water mill on the River Test to drive historic looms and milling machinery. The mill makes bespoke silk fabric used for film and television productions, fashion, and custom interior designs. From the Whitchurch mill, you can follow the seven mile long Mill Trail, taking in five historic mills along the River Test.

In 1815 Henry Heyter built a silk mill on land owned by the Dean and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral. The mill was driven by a water wheel and stood two storeys high, with a central access bay. Just two years later the mill was purchased by William Maddick, a successful silk manufacturer from the Spitalfields area of London.

The Investigation

It was a beautiful sunny evening, as we arrived and had a walk around the mill.

After everyone had settled, and all health and safety was observed, we decided to start off with a human pendulum. Someone picked up Clairvoyantly the name of Rose, who was tragically killed in the weir.

We then proceeded upstairs where the work room and looms were held, and then we started to call out. We captured a class 'A' EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) on the voice recorder; when asked who was near, in response, it sounded like 'I'm close' Also one of the guests felt as if his head was being touched. We also had some names come through on the writing planchette, Elizabeth and William, and Jenny had a Clairvoyant image of a mill worker, who she feels was Elizabeth, who wore a long pin stripe dress, with a long apron over, and a mop cap. I also got the name George, who I felt was the Foreman there. I then had the feeling that parachutes were made here, which was later confirmed by a member of their staff on duty.

We then went downstairs, where you could see the wheel on the lower floor, and did some more voice recordings, where we got the name Walter or Water, very clearly. There were some dressing up clothes in one corner to replicate the clothing that people at the mill would wear, this was, yes you've guessed it, a long dress with long apron and mop cap !!

We noticed the door opening on its own, and we put a cat ball nearby, and also hung an apron up so we could check to see if there were any draughts.

All of a sudden the cat ball started flashing, then it changed direction, and thrown down the stairs and rolled towards the wall. We literally all gasped, as we were all so astounded at what we had seen; and I would say, that this was one of the best captures of the night. You can see the video on our You Tube Channel, as I am unable to upload it on here at present. We all really enjoyed the evening at the Silk Mill, and look forward to a further investigation here.

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